Marina Janjić, Nataša Stojanović


Modern teaching of grammar is very complex and difficult for teachers because it takes dull material make it interesting for students as well as to the ultimate outcome of the lessons students developed grammar and speech skills. One of the most difficult grammar themes is the morphology. The aim of this study was to examine the extent to which new technologies can help the teachers in this complex task. We organized a survey in a primary school in Nis and compare organizations of classes in the traditional and modern way in teaching of morphology. As an example of modern technology we used Web tools Nearpod and Formativ. By comparative method we consider both possibilities methodical modeling classes. We surveyed the students in order to hear their opinions about this. Finally, we compared the results of tests of knowledge in this field between the experimental control department. The results convinced us of the great possibility of new teaching methodologies.

Formativ and Nearpod are the educational platform by which the teacher created and shared with his students a lesson in class (via the Internet). Using these tools allowed him to activate and monitor the work of all students; to check understanding of the lessons and the acquisition of knowledge in real time.


teaching methods, Nearpod an Formative web tools, classes of morphology

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