• Jasmina Đorđević


Translation Studies, digital space, community and fan translation, interdisciplinarity, implications


The aim of this paper is to present two relatively new trends in Translation Studies in the digital space and to present some of the interdisciplinary implications new directions might have in Translation Studies in the future. Not only does the digital space provide new tools and technologies, but it also enables the investigation of phenomena and practices beyond existing interdisciplinary relationships that Translation Studies has established so far. In this paper we shall present the relatively new trends of community translation and fan translation with the aim to draw attention to the necessity to investigate these two forms of translation further as they may be beneficial to all stakeholders in translation, i.e. researchers, practitioners, trainees and representatives in the translation industry at large. The final presentation of the potential implications of new interdisciplinary directions might motivate theoretical investigations of Translation Studies in the digital space that may have been underestimated so far with the outcome to open a door to the application of community and fan translation in a context beyond the entertainment industry where they currently occur.


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